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What was your summer read?

23 Aug

Have you read a lot of books this summer? Are there any books you want to read soon?

I managed to finish quite a few books. I read the 2nd book of the ‘Game of Thrones’ – series, some fantasy and criminal novels, and Orson Scott Card’s famous novel ‘Ender’s Game’.  Right now I’m reading some criminal story by Kathy Reichs. And my bus read (do you also have something like that?) is the very good ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. It’s very moving.



Writing: Practical tools part 1

18 Aug

Lately I’ve been trying out Yarny. Yarny is an online writing tool. So far, I think it’s very useful. You can set a word count, write and arrange chapters, save snippets (characters, places, and things) and it automatically saves your work regularly.

I think it is very practical, user-friendly and intuitive. You only have to create a free account to get started. There’s also a pro-account (with a monthly fee) but there’s nothing I miss in the free version so far. You can also easily export your text, but so far only as a .txt file (maybe a minor drawback) and there is also some support if you want to publish your work immediately as an e-book (though I haven’t tried out that feature yet and can’t tell you more about it).

To sum things up…


-word count

-intuitive usage

-flexible use of snippets and chapters

-free version after registration

-automatic saving feature


-export to .txt only

-only works while you have internet access

Game of Thrones rocks my socks

21 Jul

I’m almost through the first “Game of Thrones” – book and I was impressed. It was really great. I especially enjoy the many likable characters, with their good sides and their many flaws.
I haven’t seen the Tv show yet but took a look at the casting choices and am very pleased with them. Most of the cast members look a lot like I imagined their fictious counterparts. One thing irritates me, though. I heard that the show is full of sex scenes. I expected the books to be similar, but to my surprise there weren’t many sex scenes. So I guess the makers of the TV show added the extra sex to be able to sell their show to the sex hungry masses?
This observation is free of judgement. I don’t mind sex scenes if they add to the plot. I just wonder whether they went overboard with it?
Well, I guess I have to take a look at the show to make up my mind on the matter.