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Plum cake with coconut and meringue topping

20 Aug

Not a complete success but not a complete failure either: this plum cake was loosely based on a recipe I had found in a magazine. The cake base turned out a bit too hard and it looks a bit messy but it tastes pretty good. I love the coconut taste and the meringue topping. ❤ Do you like plum cake? Do you know any good recipes?

Rollei Digital Camera


DIY: Textile stamping

16 Aug

I was inspired by this blog post by my friend Lisa to do some veggie stamping on textiles. I chose the good old potato stamp variety. For this, all you need are potatoes, cookie cutters, some fabric (in the form of a bag, in my case) and textile colours (mine are from Rayher DecoArt).

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

At first I wanted to try a lot of different shapes but then I stuck to the stars. Maybe next time I’ll use a heart.

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

How do you like my new bag? Textile printing with potatoes is easy and fun. And you can make very individual gifts.

DIY? Let’s try!

7 Aug

I’m not good at creating objects, at handicrafts in general. I would say I am a creative person (since I enjoy writing and drawing) but for some things I just don’t seem to have a talent. But then again, maybe I just need to try, maybe all it takes is some practice?
That’s why I have decided to try my hands at some ‘DIY – Do it yourself!’ – projects.

Here’s a list of things I’d like to try:

– crocheting
– repainting a picture frame
– textile printing
– creative baking

Of course I’ll post updates on my progress! And I’m thankful for helpful hints and suggestions!
Wish me luck!