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I won a T-Shirt!

17 Sep

Thank you Likoli webshop! Isn’t it super cool? :3

Rollei Digital Camera


The Dark Knight Rises – good but not perfect

3 Aug

Since I am too busy to write a whole review, here are just a few points that I loved/hated about the film… Might be slightly spoiler-ish.

– Joseph Gordon – Levitt played by far the most interesting character in the film (I really hope that we’ll get a sequel with focus on his character. I know it’s rather unrealistic and that Nolan’s trilogy is over but I’m sure that JGL could work well as the new leading man)
– Catwoman. Anne Hathaway doesn’t reach Michelle Pfeiffer’s epic portrayal but she nevertheless did a good job.
– Cillian Murphy (do I have to say more than ‘death by exile’?)
– the soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer. Epic. Who would have doubted it?
– Bane was a very intersting villain. I just wish he would have kept his monologues shorter.

– There was absolutely no chemistry between Batman and Cotillard’s character Miranda Tate. The storyline would have worked just fine if they had only been friends. Why is it that every attractive woman in the film has to have the urge to sleep with Bruce? Ever heard about non-romantic friendships between men and women? Let me assure you, they exist.
– Less stereotypes would have been nice. And less pathos.