DIY: Textile stamping

16 Aug

I was inspired by this blog post by my friend Lisa to do some veggie stamping on textiles. I chose the good old potato stamp variety. For this, all you need are potatoes, cookie cutters, some fabric (in the form of a bag, in my case) and textile colours (mine are from Rayher DecoArt).

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

At first I wanted to try a lot of different shapes but then I stuck to the stars. Maybe next time I’ll use a heart.

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

How do you like my new bag? Textile printing with potatoes is easy and fun. And you can make very individual gifts.


DIY? Let’s try!

7 Aug

I’m not good at creating objects, at handicrafts in general. I would say I am a creative person (since I enjoy writing and drawing) but for some things I just don’t seem to have a talent. But then again, maybe I just need to try, maybe all it takes is some practice?
That’s why I have decided to try my hands at some ‘DIY – Do it yourself!’ – projects.

Here’s a list of things I’d like to try:

– crocheting
– repainting a picture frame
– textile printing
– creative baking

Of course I’ll post updates on my progress! And I’m thankful for helpful hints and suggestions!
Wish me luck!

A tasty ‘Thank you’

6 Aug

Rollei Digital Camera

Have you ever seen a quail? I was able to rescue one of these cute birds. It was surrounded by enemies (our cat and the neighbour’s dog). A ring on its food signalled that it was domesticated and couldn’t survive on its own in the wilderness.

With the support of my parents and the neighbour, I found its owner. He thanked me with quail eggs. They can either be boiled for 5 minutes or eaten as the sunny side up variety. They taste like normal chicken eggs but look much cuter.


6 Aug

Hello everybody,

when I started this blog it was supposed to be about movies and TV shows. But I’ve come to the decision that I want to change the focus of the blog. I want it to be a more personal blog. It will, of course, still include posts about movies since they are still a big part of my life. But it will also include other posts with topics such as everyday life experiences, things I like or would like to talk about, photographies, books I am reading,… If you want to unfollow me because you are not interested in these things, go ahead. I certainly won’t be mad. If you want to stick around, I’d be very happy. 🙂

If you prefer reading my new German blog, take a look here for an equivalent to this one (content will show up soon) or here for my German movie blog.


I’m planning to restructure the blog. In the meantime, have a picture.

5 Jul

Rollei Digital Camera

April ’13

9 May

I’m late again. :/ Big sorry.


New films watched in March:


  • The Place Beyond the Pines A-
  • Warm Bodies B-
  • Blue Valentine B
  • Iron Man 3 B+
  • God Bless America B-


Best Film in March:
It’s The Place Beyond the Pines, though Iron Man 3 was the film I enjoyed watching the most. Then again, I just love Iron Man, so my judgement might be biased.


Worst Film in March:
No bad films at all. Probably because I didn’t watch many films in April. University keeps me busy. Additionally, I rather watch TV shows lately.

Apart from that:

I felt conflicted about liking God Bless America as much as I did. Anyone else having similar feelings?


Usually this is not a photo blog…

21 Apr

… but I went out for a walk today with a friend and we went to this old factory, surrounded by dried grass and power poles. It looked so cool, totally reminded me of post-apocalyptic movies. I could imagine the zombies coming out of the factory. Have a few impressions: