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Versatile Blogger Award

3 Nov

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Late Night Session. Thank you very much! Here are the rules.

No it’s time to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I love cats.

2. My favourite actor is Edward Norton.

3. I wish I could be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

4. My favourite contemporary author is John Irving.

5. I wear glasses. But only if I remember that I should wear them.

6. My favourite colour is yellow.

7. I used to draw a lot (as a kid).


Now I’ll nominate 15 Blogs:




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You can get a free flashlight

15 Oct

Gratis LED-Mini-Taschenlampe als Schlüsselanhänger mit individueller Textgravur!

I won a T-Shirt!

17 Sep

Thank you Likoli webshop! Isn’t it super cool? :3

Rollei Digital Camera

Film meets Fashion

10 Sep

Great news for all Harry Potter fans: has launched a new Harry Potter collection featuring leggings, dresses and swimsuits.

HP_MG_1026-Edit_WEB HP_MG_1495-Edit_WEB HP0013-SnapeAttackGFT-3-WEB HP0033-GryffindorStripedLegs-6-WEB

Pictures by  Black Milk Clothing. Used with permission.

DIY: Textile stamping

16 Aug

I was inspired by this blog post by my friend Lisa to do some veggie stamping on textiles. I chose the good old potato stamp variety. For this, all you need are potatoes, cookie cutters, some fabric (in the form of a bag, in my case) and textile colours (mine are from Rayher DecoArt).

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

At first I wanted to try a lot of different shapes but then I stuck to the stars. Maybe next time I’ll use a heart.

Rollei Digital Camera

Rollei Digital Camera

How do you like my new bag? Textile printing with potatoes is easy and fun. And you can make very individual gifts.

Usually this is not a photo blog…

21 Apr

… but I went out for a walk today with a friend and we went to this old factory, surrounded by dried grass and power poles. It looked so cool, totally reminded me of post-apocalyptic movies. I could imagine the zombies coming out of the factory. Have a few impressions:

3 Reasons why to like (or at least respect) Glee despite its flaws

16 Apr

glee - don't hate us

1)Music – Even if some numbers are admittedly butchered, it’s still cool to have a musical TV show which tries to pay tribute to every kind of genre – hip hop, classic rock, musical, pop, punk and so on. And mostly watching these kids sing and dance is just fun (at least if you don’t try to judge whether the cover is as good as the original all the time).

2)Dialogues – Come on, Glee has some awesome dialogues and many really funny jokes. Often it’s Jane Lynch who makes us chuckle but she’s not the only one. And some of the jokes are much more mature than the high school concept would suggest.

3)Tolerance – This is the most important reason by far. There’s hardly any other show out there at the moment that preaches tolerance and equality the way Glee does. Glee has homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, physically and mentally challenged, and overweight main characters and they are not completely characterized by that. Glee is the show for the outsiders who’ll never completely fit in. If there had been a show like Glee when I was younger and it had been so popular, I would have been very glad.

Okay, haters gonna hate. I know how many people dislike the show but I hope you’ll consider the points I made.