March ’13

8 Apr

First of all, I know this post is a bit late. Sadly, I haven’t watched many films in March. I was pretty busy and then I got Netflix and started watching a bunch of TV shows instead of movies, because my laptop prefers loading content that isn’t longer than 30 minutes (*sigh*).

New films watched in March:

  • Les Miserables C+
  • The Squid and the Whale A-
  • True Grit B+
  • 1408 C-
  • Cloud Atlas B+
  • The Hour (TV Show, both seasons) A
  • Modern Family (TV Show, season 1 + 2) B+

Best Film in March:
The Squid and the Whale – refreshingly honest portray of a broken family with a great cast (Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney, Jesse Eisenberg,…)

Worst Film in March:
1408 – this film was so good at the beginning but got quite bad at the end. What a shame.

Apart from that:
A tweet with a link to my blog was retweeted by actresses Oona Chaplin and Lisa Greenwood! ❤

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