Real Life Info + Promising New Trailers

26 Nov

I realize I haven’t been active a lot lately and I apologize for that. I am currently pretty busy with preparing my Master thesis and it focusses, who would have guessed, on films! Namely on the online marketing for the film Prometheus. It will include a survey and I intend to post it here as well, as soon as I am ready with preparing it, and I hope that you will do me the favor and fill it out (you probably will not even have to have seen the film to be able to do it). You’d all do me a huge favor. Also, if anyone of you would consider mentioning it on your own blogs/reblogging it, that would help even more. 🙂
But I don’t updated today in order to only bore you. Here’s a bunch of new promising trailers. What do you think about them?


I know this was based on a book by the author of Twilight, but I still think it looks promising. And I’m a big fan of Saoirse Ronan!

I can’t wait to see this one. It looks so promising! The whole idea is fantastic. (I guess I am in the process of becoming a zombie film fan).


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