Skyfall – A Review

28 Oct

Okay, prepare: what’s going to follow is a review by someone who certainly isn’t a huge James Bond fan.

Daniel Craig’s third (and maybe last?) adventure as James Bond does not only span continents but also makes Britain’s top agent realize his own mortality. The film starts with an impressive action sequence (which fans already expect at the beginning of each new film) which ends with James Bond being severely wounded and claimed to be dead. But of course 007 can not stay dead for long. After a working break filled with alcohol and women, Bond returns to his job when a terrorist threatens to uncover the secret identities of many MI6 agents.

So much for the general story, I don’t want to spoil too much. Overall, I enjoyed the film. The action was great, the stunts amazing and the pacing worked well. Despite not caring too much for the role itself, I do think that Craig is a good Bond.

I nevertheless had some issues with the film, mainly the melodramatic scenes at the end (I won’t spoil it, don’t worry) and some more or less useless characters.

I really like the new Q but think they could have done more with the role. Naomi Harris also did a great job (the only thing that I disliked about her character was that ridiculous shaving scene). Ralph Fiennes and Bérénice Marlohe try their best but their characters are not fascinating enough to make us care a lot for them. Javier Bardem, as the antagonist, is perfect in his ambiguity.

James Bond films can not be measured like most films, not even the newer ones. They are a phenomenon which can not be compared to your average action blockbuster. As a James Bond film, Skyfall works extremely well. The entertainment factor is pretty high. Unfortunately, non-Bond – fans might still not be blown away.

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