Great Songs in Film Musicals – part 2

26 Oct

So, here’s part two of my series about great music numbers in musical films. Enjoy!

1. I am a Dentist – Little Shop of Horrors

I absolutely love this musical. In my opinion, it is perfect in every aspect. I immensely enjoy the absurdity and the unusual characters. There are many great songs in it, but my favorite has to be this inspiring number sung by Steve Martin. Anyone else ever thought of sending their dentists a link to this?

2. Easy to be hard – Hair

I first thought about choosing ‘Good Morning Starshine’ but then I changed my mind. This is the most intense performance from the Hippie – musical Hair. Its sung with so much emotion – Cheryl Barnes did a really great job!

3. Sweet Transvestite – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sometimes I seriously question the taste (maybe even the sanity) of people who do not like The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show. Come on, it’s absolutely perfect and you know it! And in this case I must admit, my decision to take this song was rather random – there are just too many great songs in it to choose.

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