Great Songs in Film Musicals – part 1

21 Oct

It might be useful to warn you now that the songs which are usually considered the most epic in musicals are not neccessarily the ones I love the most. But let’s see…

1.Cell Block Tango – Chicago

The musical Chicago has an impressive cast, not only considering the leads but also the minor roles. Catherine Zeta-Jones and the other ladies who perform the ‘Cell Block Tango’ certainly know how to impress with feisty lyrics and a very creative choreography.

2.Our last summer – Mamma Mia!

Okay, Meryl Streep performance of ‘The winner takes it all’ is also grandious. Actually, almost all the songs performed in this film are brilliant. ‘Our last summer”s beauty lies in its melancholy, its reminder of times long passed.

3.Somewhere – West Side Story

Leonard Bernstein’s music is the work of a musical genius. ‘West Side Story’ is a musical film classic whose timeless message still manages to touch its audience. ‘Somewhere’ is probably the highlight in this masterpiece.

2 Responses to “Great Songs in Film Musicals – part 1”

  1. Wesley Anne October 26, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    This is fantastic! The Cell Block Tango is inspired and I love this post!

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