To choose a favourite

22 Jul

If you’re a film lover like me, you probably know this situation: Someones asks you what your favourite film is and you start giving him a list because you can’t decide. And in the end you realize that you left out some pretty epic pieces. Frustrating! Book lovers probably have the same problem. And if you’re really into music, you might feel that way when asked about your favorite band.

A few years ago I decided that that won’t do. When people ask you about a favorite they want to find something out about you. They search for a way to determine your personality, to judge you according to your taste. A list is too complicated to fulfill that task. So I sat down and thought about a film that could define me. And at the same time, a film that I’d never tire of.

And I chose this one:

In case you don’t know it, let me find the words to describe why this film is my favourite film: it doesn’t come with a ‘BANG’, it’s smart and witty, has great dialogues, likable characters with many flaws, it’s about art and books and procrastianation and growing up and friendship and finding things without searching for them. It’s about life.

Yes, Wonderboys is my favourite film.

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