Game of Thrones rocks my socks

21 Jul

I’m almost through the first “Game of Thrones” – book and I was impressed. It was really great. I especially enjoy the many likable characters, with their good sides and their many flaws.
I haven’t seen the Tv show yet but took a look at the casting choices and am very pleased with them. Most of the cast members look a lot like I imagined their fictious counterparts. One thing irritates me, though. I heard that the show is full of sex scenes. I expected the books to be similar, but to my surprise there weren’t many sex scenes. So I guess the makers of the TV show added the extra sex to be able to sell their show to the sex hungry masses?
This observation is free of judgement. I don’t mind sex scenes if they add to the plot. I just wonder whether they went overboard with it?
Well, I guess I have to take a look at the show to make up my mind on the matter.

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