Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ – A very short recap

14 Jul

I’m a fan of Wes Anderson. I love his weird stories, crazy characters and unique style. Gladly, his new film, Moonrise Kingdom, didn’t disappoint me.
The story is rather easy to tell, or so it seems: Two kids, Suzy and Sam, have a crush on each other and decide to run away together. Of course there are many people who get involved or are concerned about their absence. Among them characters portrayed by brilliant actors such as Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Frances McDormand.
The film is set in the 60s and the settings and colors express the decade in a very authentic way and yet are, at the same time, very over the top. Typically Anderson, a joy for those who love interesting camera perspectives. Filmmakers and those intersted in how films are made and work will have a lot to entertain them. All the others will enjoy the hilarious situations, wonderful dialogues and melancholic undertones.

Here is some extra for those of you who’ve seen the film. Remember the books Suzy reads to the other kids? Here are animated scenes from each book which didn’t make it into the final film. Have a look and have fun!

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