Gay Superheroes – Kudos to Marvel and DC!

2 Jun

I know I’m a bit late to write about this now, but I’ve been pretty busy lately and it just came to my attention today. So, what’s the story behind the headline? Apparently, DC will soon reveal that one of their heroes is gay. And Marvel made a gay marriage the topic of one of their comic books. And that is great!

It is no surprise that some conservative groups are trying to prohibit this. For most of us, their campaigns against it are only worth an exasperated sigh. I guess we’ve all grown used to their nonsensical arguments by now.

One of the great appeals of many comic books has always been the possibility to identify with the heroes. Thus introducing gay heroes is a great way to present role models for homosexual readers. It also helps to erase some stupid stereotypes that are sadly still popular these days. For example: There is nothing weak about a superhero, no matter what’s his or her sexual orientation.

Comic books deserve praise for often dealing with the problems of ‘outsiders’ or ‘minorities’.  The X-Men’s constant fight for being accepted in society is a good example for what comic books can stand for and how they might help those who sometimes have a feeling of not belonging.

DC and Marvel made a great decision with planning to introduce gay characters and portraying gay marriage. Makes me feel proud that I’m a comic book fan.

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