Important Topics and Real Life Allegories in The Hunger Games

2 Apr


In Panem, the districts work to ensure that the capitol citizens can lead their luxurious comfortable life style. Of course this might remind the audience of our situation in our globalized world. The sad thing is, we aren’t the district people, we are the inhabitants of the capitol. We wear clothes manufactured in poorer countries, where people have to work ten hours a day for less money than we earn per hour. We eat food we get from places where no one protects kids who are forced to work in order to keep their families alive. We are the capitol and we are dependent from others. We might as well treat them fair, don’t you think?


Reality TV still fascinates many people. But what is it that we like about it? In many shows, the main entertainment factor is the humiliation of other people. Overweight people, poorly educated people, people with drug or alcohol problems. People who fight each other in order to win something. What is so fascinating about watching people who suffer one way or another? Is it still the same things that fascinated the ancient Romans who watched their gladiators fight? Maybe it’s time to prove that there was some evolution, that we aren’t like that anymore, that we wouldn’t enjoy watching teenagers kill each other.

Fear and Protests

A central topic in The Hunger Games is how the mighty, the powerful politicians for example, exercise their power by causing fear. Katniss and Peeta defy the capitol by playing against the rules. Gale constantly questions the authorities. The characters are defined by their actions, by how they decide not to follow the general orders. Is it far-fetched to say that their actions might remind us of movements like Occupy Wallstreet or Anonymous? What do you think?

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