The Avengers – Superhero Blockbuster in Danger

4 Mar

Waiting for the release of the Avengers has become a hard test for comic book fans all over the world. Nerds and Non-Nerds all over the world want to see that film so badly. But with all the hype and expectations comes a lot of pressure too. What if the film doesn’t meet our expectations? What if it does fall short compared to other MARVEL films.
Let’s think about the three biggest dangers regarding The Avengers – what could turn the much expected superhero flick into a disaster?

1) Continuity errors
Granted, the War Machine and Hulk recasting was bad enough. It really hurt to see great actors being replaced, no matter how good the replacements are. But we overcame the initial grief. Now, let’s hope they won’t turn up with major continuity errors regarding the story lines of the other films. A lack of continuity can ruin a good film. Let’s hope Marvel thought things through.

2) Black Widow using the wrong kind of armor
It shouldn’t be a secret that women also enjoy watching comic books films. Since Black Widow is the only female member of the team we can only hope that her biggest strength isn’t her sex appeal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay that she is hot. As long as it isn’t her defining feature. It’s a bit hard to grasp at the moment how she’ll be able to fight alongside men with superhuman strength. Surely a gun won’t be that helpful against giant serpents and gods. But then again, Hawkeye also only has his bow, right?

3) Too many meaningless scenes
We have a superhero team which means quite a number of important characters. They all deserve witty dialogues and cool combat scenes. But if the film wants to have a good story line too, they will need to find a balance between humor, combats and character development. It’s certainly possible, but maybe not that easy.

The trailer looks promising though. Let’s be that The Avengers will prove to be a great summer blockbuster.

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