3 Epic Animated Films – not (only) for kids

4 Mar

1.The secret of NIMH
The epic story of Mrs Brisby, a brave mouse who tries to save her family, isn’t only touching, but also a beautiful piece of animated art. The film is based on a book by Robert C. O’Brien. Mrs Brisby does not only prove to be a true heroine, but also uncovers a dark secret related to her own family. A fantastical journey with amazing background designs. Definitely worth a look.

2.Watership Down
The rabbits Fiver and Hazel look for a place where they can live in peace. On their journey, they have to face cruel dictators, traps made by humans, and many other dangers. Watership Down’s critical approach regarding topics like oppression and fear is very impressive and the amazing designs of the animals fill our hearts with joy. The amazing soundtrack was perfect as well, especially Art Garfunkel’s beautiful song ‘Bright Eyes’. The film is based on a novel by Richard Adams.

Being a smart cat can be quite dangerous. Francis has to learn this lesson when investigating why a murdered cat is lying in the garden of his new home. With the help of his friend Blaubart, he tries to find the killer, despite many dangers. A haunting thriller and very dark film, Felidae is captivating and witty. The German film is based on the books by Akif Pirincci.

All three of the films are often criticized for being too brutal and visual. The thing is, just because it’s an animated film doesn’t automatically mean it’s for kids. If you want to show them to kids nonetheless, why not taking the time to view them once without them, instead of blaming the film makers afterward.

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