When will they start filming a Hollywood version of NGE?

22 Feb

Neon Genesis Evangelion , a Japanese animated series, has been rumored to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster for a few years. But there doesn’t seem to be any progress. What a shame. The series had so much potential. It’s like a mature take on Transformers. No, that’s not true, it’s so much more. Basically, it’s an apocalyptic vision which focuses on the human beings behind the breath taking action. And just think about all the religious symbolism…
Looking back, it reminds me a lot of LOST. Especially regarding the end. There were some loose ends and unsolved mysteries, but the core of both shows were the humans in it, their lives and their pain.
Well, what would be the best cast for a NGE adaptation? The original main characters, the pilots, were about 14 years old. I’d prefer more mature characters though. Pig-headed German talent Asuka could be portrayed by our new favorite, Jennifer Lawrence (‘The Hunger Games’). And Juno Temple (‘Three Musketeers in 3D’) might work as mysterious doll face Rei. But who would be a great Misato? And who could play main character Shinji, a disillusioned young guy whose father doesn’t care for him at all? Please don’t say Alex Pettyfer.

Any suggestion?

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