Sheldon Cooper would probably love this book…

20 Feb

I discovered James Kakalios’ book “The Physics of Superheroes” by accident while looking for books on superheroes in general. It turned out that I couldn’t use it for my original research project, but that it was fun to read, and very informative as well.
“The Physics of Superheroes” explains basic science theories by using superheroes as examples. While reading it, we learn why Superman’s ability to jump over skyscrapers  isn’t that unrealistic, and why Spiderman’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy really had to die. We get to know Newton and Schroedinger, and – and that’s the most important part – we enjoy learning these things. And Kakalios’ humorous comments make “The Physics of Superheroes” even more entertaining. A must read for people who love superheroes or physics or both.

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