3 Fantasy Blockbusters I want to see…

9 Feb

1) Gargoyles
The animated series made by Disney was surprisingly dark, and mixed a fascinating fantasy story with literary references and bits and pieces of old English legends (Hello, King Arthur!). As kids we enjoyed watching Goliath and his clan struggle with the modern world. Now we want to see them on the big screen. Let the creatures of the night glide through a real city. Oh, btw, my first choice for the role of their human friend Eliza would be Rosario Dawson cause she’s fierce enough to play the tough cop and pretty enough to win Goliath’s heart.

2) The Last Unicorn
A real life adaptation of the book and the perfect animated film doesn’t seem like a bad idea and the internet has, for years, been full of rumors regarding such a project. Peter S. Beagle’s epic fantasy work certainly offers enough material for a great film, and a red CGI – bull sounds like a really cool idea. But I realize why this could be a tricky project: The old animated film has been so great, that only a really good director with an awesome cast could compete with it.

3) Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
Susanna Clarke’s epic fantasy bestseller is an extraordinary piece of writing. With its brilliant story about two magicians who become rivals, and its tons of footnotes which showed us how detailed the world Clarke imagines is, it certainly won my hearts. Alright, it would be hard to do it justice, that’s true. But I’d still like to see someone try.  Although 90 minutes probably wouldn’t be enough for such a long story… Maybe a trilogy?

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