5 Reasons why the Spiderman – Reboot will be Great

8 Feb

1. It’s going to be dark.
Or much darker than the original trilogy. At least that’s what the trailer suggests. Now Peter is a man who needs to solve the case of his own family secret. Where are his parents? What has happened to them? Why did they leave him? So many questions, so much potential for creative plot twists and perturbed emotions.
2. Emma Stone is in it
This gorgeous lady has impressed us with performances in „Crazy Stupid Love“ and „Easy A“. A really charming girl and quite talented as well. As Gewn Stacy she’ll not only win Spidey’s heart, but certainly ours as well. She has the looks, comes across as quite witty and cool, and has a beautiful smile. A great combination.
3. Because we need Spiderman again.
He’s a great hero. He’s passionate and smart and a ‘guy next door’ – type. He’s not a muscled Thor or a rich Tony Stark or a brooding Batman. They are also great, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes we just need to see how a normal guy turns out to be a hero. Peter Parker is just a boy. A boy with normal problems, who also happens to be a part time superhero. Bad luck for him. Not for us.
4. Director Marc Webb
Webb also directed ‘(500) Days of Summer’, one of the greatest films about ‘real emotions’ we have seen in the past years. His filmography (as a director) is still pretty short, but we’d rather see the work of ‘a new face’ than another Michael Bay – flick…
5. Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman
Those who’ve seen films like ‘Boy A’ or ‘Never Let me Go’ will know that Andrew is a really talented guy. He has these puppy eyes, that „sweet guy“ –  charm, and knows how to make us cry for and with him. Hopefully Peter Parker will get some of the emotional depth Andrew was able to show in his other films.

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