Versatile Blogger Award

3 Nov

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Late Night Session. Thank you very much! Here are the rules.

No it’s time to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I love cats.

2. My favourite actor is Edward Norton.

3. I wish I could be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

4. My favourite contemporary author is John Irving.

5. I wear glasses. But only if I remember that I should wear them.

6. My favourite colour is yellow.

7. I used to draw a lot (as a kid).


Now I’ll nominate 15 Blogs:




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Shannon A Thompson

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Catastrophic Findings




You can get a free flashlight

15 Oct

Gratis LED-Mini-Taschenlampe als Schlüsselanhänger mit individueller Textgravur!

I won a T-Shirt!

17 Sep

Thank you Likoli webshop! Isn’t it super cool? :3

Rollei Digital Camera

Film meets Fashion

10 Sep

Great news for all Harry Potter fans: has launched a new Harry Potter collection featuring leggings, dresses and swimsuits.

HP_MG_1026-Edit_WEB HP_MG_1495-Edit_WEB HP0013-SnapeAttackGFT-3-WEB HP0033-GryffindorStripedLegs-6-WEB

Pictures by  Black Milk Clothing. Used with permission.

What was your summer read?

23 Aug

Have you read a lot of books this summer? Are there any books you want to read soon?

I managed to finish quite a few books. I read the 2nd book of the ‘Game of Thrones’ – series, some fantasy and criminal novels, and Orson Scott Card’s famous novel ‘Ender’s Game’.  Right now I’m reading some criminal story by Kathy Reichs. And my bus read (do you also have something like that?) is the very good ‘Eating Animals’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. It’s very moving.


Plum cake with coconut and meringue topping

20 Aug

Not a complete success but not a complete failure either: this plum cake was loosely based on a recipe I had found in a magazine. The cake base turned out a bit too hard and it looks a bit messy but it tastes pretty good. I love the coconut taste and the meringue topping. ❤ Do you like plum cake? Do you know any good recipes?

Rollei Digital Camera

Writing: Practical tools part 1

18 Aug

Lately I’ve been trying out Yarny. Yarny is an online writing tool. So far, I think it’s very useful. You can set a word count, write and arrange chapters, save snippets (characters, places, and things) and it automatically saves your work regularly.

I think it is very practical, user-friendly and intuitive. You only have to create a free account to get started. There’s also a pro-account (with a monthly fee) but there’s nothing I miss in the free version so far. You can also easily export your text, but so far only as a .txt file (maybe a minor drawback) and there is also some support if you want to publish your work immediately as an e-book (though I haven’t tried out that feature yet and can’t tell you more about it).

To sum things up…


-word count

-intuitive usage

-flexible use of snippets and chapters

-free version after registration

-automatic saving feature


-export to .txt only

-only works while you have internet access